Story Behind The Subject

In 2033, NEO BlokM district become global sensation of the strange events for the past 6 months on people getting bumped and witness levitating objects mysteriously. Reportedly, many unseen figures is the cause of these events.

A year before, one hot shot detective was hired by misfits professor, discovered a secret lab on abandoned factory outlet located in North of district. Around a thousand of rooms in secret basements with used syringe and bed with fixation strap been found shattered.

The detective found damaged documents that luckily can be recovered, and noticed few secret experiment documents about modified genes from Leptocephalus Larva that able to mutate human blood cells to translucent state.

The professor was making a deal with detective by asking to handover the evidences and remake the serum. After a year the serum become stable, both perpetrators starting to do experiment with live human test.


Customized & Phygital NFT

On the top of WEB3, we experimenting to create innovation in the space by developing customize enabled NFT and WEB3 tools.

Each traits (items) can be traded between owners and giving DAO voting power within our app, each owners can customize their NFT in four different item types (Hat, Top, Bottom, Shoe). More types will be coming throughout project’s roadmap.

What makes it more interesting, each NFT traits (items) will be pegged with 1:1 or 1:M (depends on DAO approvals) original physical item which saleable on our WEB3 marketplace. Each of the sales will be deposited back to community wallet.



Subject #0


Experimentation Products

Masshift first collection “The Lab” is a collection of 1,000 dynamic avatars that owners can customize the outfit with items. Each of holders will receive ERC-721 tokens from two smart contracts for invisible figure (Subject) and items separately in one mint. We call it “Breed-on-Mint” feature.


Gnome Phases to Mutation

(base) ~ % initiate seq -n 3

(base) ~ % exec seq --cont

(base) ~ % exec seq --cont


How to get Masshift "The Lab" NFT pre-sale?

You can join our discord, but we only select few people to mint. And we will open for public mint with raffle allowlist from

What is the mint price?

Hmmm.. 1 ETH would be good, but nahh it's totally free.

When is the minting date?

The mint date will be announced 7 days before. Checkout our Discord.

Who is the team behind this project?

DYOR. You might find it in our discord.

Can we sell "The Subject" NFT on secondary marketplace?

Yes, we probably will listing our project in Opensea. But, listing will be locked while minting and will be unlocked after fully minted.

How can we trade our items?

You can trade items from our dApp which will be released 2 - 3 weeks after the mint. Or you can sell it in secondary marketplace if the item is not equipped.

What is phygital?

In shorts, phygital is basically IRL items that connected with digital assets. In this case is NFT, you can say the NFT is the genuine certification of ownership for each item.

How to download Metamask?

You can go to and download it to your browser or smart phone


Future Research and Cure


Subject's Shelter

Enter our colony to get exclusive access and benefits from allowlist, giveaway, and so many more. Get in touch with colony for the latest update.

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